21 Reasons You Think You Dont Have Time to Write

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This is flawed logic and will only make you miserable after 5, 10, 20 years of waiting or deciding. This is misguided. Life is meant to be an experience. So here is a place to start.

How To Stop Feeling Productivity Shame

If you were paying attention, you may have realised that all the self doubt and uncertainty I speak of can be traced back to some subtle ways of thinking about things. Get out a pen and paper, start a new document, begin writing. What I know for certain. Focus on what you do know. This means focus on what you know for certain about your goals, aspirations, and interests.

It could be anything. And it more often than not, will be broad. Not by answering the question, but by changing the context. I know for certain that I want to travel.

21 ways travel can make your life tough when you return home

Everything else is almost negligible now. And like we mentioned before, this is all about trying things and not analysing yourself into inaction. Mental barriers would shatter, soon to be replaced by the mental barriers of those in the new jar. There is no fixed ability. Everything is contextual. Actually, you may learn to jump much higher than you ever imaged with the help of a caring mentor. Thus, it is extremely important for you to surround yourself with those who have high expectations for you. It may be difficult, frustrating, and humbling to develop and grow.

Human beings are highly adaptive. For instance, Viktor Frankl reflected on his experience as a Nazi concentration camp victim and sleeping comfortably next to nine other people on small beds.

The Startup

No matter how far-reaching and discontinuous the jump from one environment to the next, a person can and will adapt, whether that means going from zero kids to three trust me , or from completely inactive to exercising with professional bodybuilders. Take, for example, Collin Clark , a year-old who lost 64 pounds and 30 percent body fat in six months.

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The process was simple; he went to the gym and began to emulate the bodybuilders who were there. Eventually, one particular bodybuilder took an interest in Collin, and became his mentor. By working out daily with a bodybuilder, Collin transformed. The example of Collin Clark is particularly notable, as he has down syndrome. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.

High quality friendships should last forever. High quality mentorships, on the other hand, should not last forever. And this is exactly what any true mentor would want for you as well. It is through your best work that they can live on forever. In each case, it was not the mentor, but me, who determined how well the relationship went. No one cares more about your success than you do. It is up to you how far you go in life. If the answer is no, then they are the wrong mentor.

Although you are responsible for your own success, you are not the sole cause of that success. Far from it. You are standing on the shoulders of giants. Acknowledge them for that.

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And never forget where you came from. Also, never speak poorly about your mentors or those who have helped you along your journey. This does nothing for you. As Ryan Holiday explains in his book, Ego is the Enemy , always be a student.

Remain humble. In this final section, I will detail beliefs required for rapid growth. There is some brilliant new research on the concept of Awe , which has been defined as a feeling that arises when you encounter something so strikingly vast in time, scope, complexity, ability, or power it provokes a need to update your mental schemas. Awe, or having a peak experience , can happen during an optimal sports performance or even a deep spiritual experience.

When you become mindful, you can experience awe even during mundane moments. Research has found that experiencing awe can expand your perception of time, alter your decision making abilities, and enhance your well-being.

PDF 21 Reasons You Think You Dont Have Time to Write

I can personally attest to these findings. I strive to experience it as often as possible, which for me provides a much richer and deeper perspective of life. Awe alters your experience with time because it helps you see things more astronomically. From the perspective of light, for example, time stands still. Thus, this moment, from the perspective of light, is both an instant and an eternity.

Time fades into the background of infinite possibility. Nothing becomes impossible. No distance too far. Lastly, awe alters your well-being because the mind and body are one. When you improve one aspect of your life, all others organically improve as well. Thus, when you experience a deeper connect with yourself and the universe, you live differently. You see yourself differently, and that perception has the power to alter your biology. Your emotional state also matures and becomes more healthy as well.

Most of the United States presidents spent less time in politics than the average congressman.

Moreover, the best, and most popular presidents, generally spent the least amount of time in politics. Rather than spending decades climbing the tedious ladder with glass ceilings, they simply jumped laterally from a different, non-political ladder.

How Hard Can It Be?

Ronald Reagan was an actor. Dwight Eisenhower laterally shifted from the military. Woodrow Wilson bounced over from academia.

These men spent considerably little time in politics and became fabulous presidents. Insanely productive people think the same way. Rather than climbing up ladders the traditional ways, they think of alternative routes.