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In accordance with the invention, a knitted netting includes longitudinal polyolefin ribbons also known as franse ribbons and lateral polyolefin ribbons also known as schuss ribbons knitted with the longitudinal polyolefin ribbons to form knitted netting.

In accordance with a further aspect of the invention, a wrapped bale of agricultural crops includes a cylindrical bale of agricultural crops and a knitted netting having longitudinal polyolefin ribbons and lateral polyolefin ribbons knitted with the longitudinal polyolefin ribbons to form knitted netting.

The knitted netting may also extend about the circumference and over the edge of the cylindrical body enclosing and maintaining the crops therein.

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The accompanying drawings, referred to herein and constituting a part hereof, illustrate preferred embodiments of the invention and, together with the description, serve to explain the principles of the invention, wherein:. The modified shuss has a length longer than the shuss length obtained when loosened to the maximum permitted by the knitting machine. The shuss is created by moving the shuss ribbon between two needles while the netting being knitted moves longitudinally in the knitting machine.

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Because of the two directional movement, the shuss 18 creates legs of a triangle while the franze 20 creates a triangle base. The preferred amount of elongation of the shuss length depends upon the particular netting application. The suggested procedure for comparing actual shuss length with calculated shuss length is illustrated in FIGS. The overall roll length is shown as O. A as shown in FIG. This measurement should be performed while applying about 50 g to the franzes on which the shuss will be measured. Take out the shuss between two franzes and measure the length of the shuss while flattening the shuss on a flat plate to determine the actual shuss length ASL.

Therefore the modified, i. Existing Raschel knitting machines do not provide a facility for providing modified shuss. The maximum loosened shuss which can be knitted on these machines can at best widen the netting a little bit, but even so the netting will tend to narrow. In order to create the modified shuss according to the invention and to overcome such knitting machine limitations, a corrugated trick plate as shown in FIG.

The use of a conventional trick plate is illustrated, for example, in U.

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The corrugated trick plate includes a flat plate 22 providing corrugations 24 which force the shusses to traverse a longer distance as the shusses move between the knitting machine needles than would be traversed in a conventional knitting machine. The shusses cannot move in a straight line; the shusses must follow the curvature of the corrugated trick plate.

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Accordingly, when the knitted netting leaves the corrugated trick plate, the shuss length is longer than the original. The thicker the corrugations between needles on the flat plate, the longer the shusses that are produced. Where an equal amount of shuss modification is needed over the complete netting width, a corrugated plate as described with respect to FIG.

Where modified shuss is required only on particular shusses, a flat plate absent corrugations not shown may be used to produce a thicker area between particular needles. This can be achieved by attaching a round piece 26 to the flat plate by means of a screw or other suitable fastener. Round piece 26 is shown in FIG. With the Modified Shuss Knitted Netting it is not possible to regulate the netting width by increasing the shuss tension as was done in conventional knitted netting. When knitting with modified shuss, the width will always remain the same and will be a function of the number of needles and the distance between them.

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There will be no shrinking during the knitting process. The width in the Modified Shuss Knitted Netting can differ only in quantum amounts equivalent to the distance between needles. It may be appreciated that there are many distinct advantages to the instant invention. Insertion or removal of a single round piece is simple. Locating the right parts in the right place when different amounts of shuss modification are needed at different places across the netting is simplified, as a different thickness of the single round piece can be used.

It is important that when the same amount of shuss modification is needed over the netting width, a single corrugated trick plate as shown in FIG. The amount of shuss modification created on the complete netting width can be varied to some degree by regulating the shuss tension. This is done by regulating the shuss tension on the existing machine. This netted stitch is really the most basic stitch of all, you simply make decreases and then balance them out with increases. In order to knit this stitch all you need is a pair of needles and wool from We Are Knitters; the stitch looks a lot better when knitted with thick wool in the sample we have used 15 mm needles and a honey-colored ball of wool.

Cast on a number of stitches that is a multiple of 2 and then add 2 extra stitches.

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The simple netted stitch is reversible. Repeat these two rows until you have reached the desired length and then cast off all stitches. However, if you want to achieve an even better result, wash the cloth after you have finished knitting and then pull it into the desired form.

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Youwill require two shades of each colour used in thepattern. The painting on the canvas will shewhow far the dark shade should extend. The remain-ing portion of the pattern has to be filled up withthe lighter ones. The parts which are uncolouredare to be worked in white wool. The pattern isby these means completed, with the exception ofcovering the yellow wool with yellow silk.

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The pattern illustrated in this Plate may be ex-tended to any size. The yellow outlines are firstworked in wool, and the remaining portions also,though in colours, according to those given in thepattern. The pattern being so far completed, youmust then work over the yellow wool with yellowsilk.

The velvet should afterwards be placed onbetween the straight rows of yellow Note About Images. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

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