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Spring Jan Introduction and welcome. What is nature? Environmental literature?

Desert Solitaire

Dungy, Camille. Getting started on the place paper. Due: Your Brain on Nature 1. Feb 5. Burroughs Place Paper Due.

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See also this site on Silent Spring. More on kids and nature. Due: Paper 2 lesson plan or kids and nature commentary. Due: Your Brain on Nature 2. Mar 5. Justify choices short answers. Spring Break.

Desert Solitaire

Abbey , Desert Solitaire. Safina , View from Lazy Point. Apr 2. Safina Due: Your Brain on Nature 3.

Desert Solitaire

Doyle, Martin, Marten. Van Noy out.

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Doyle, finish. Adams, Loosed Upon the World. Van Noy, out. Rush, Rising. Despite such qualifications, though, Abbey has clearly become a polarizing figure to a new breed of environmentalists grappling with the implications of this more intensively humanized and technological world.

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A case in point is Peter Kareiva, one of the more visible conservationists working today and currently the Chief Scientist at The Nature Conservancy. But if this blinkered reading of Abbey as the anti-modern, misanthropic environmentalist misses the literary nature of the work, it also looks past his more tempered thinking and writing, with the effect of rendering the latter all but forgotten. Moderate extremism. The best of both worlds. As historian Patty Limerick points out , Abbey, like many of us, wanted isolation and he wanted kinship; it was part of a series of paradoxes that he wrestled with throughout his work — and, we might say, throughout his life.

For him, there was no contradiction between loving solitude and craving companionship, between recognizing the partly constructed nature of the wild while cherishing its authenticity, between passionately defending wild country and throwing empty beer cans out of a gas guzzler on the highway. That last one may have been one paradox too many. Unlike the new EcoModernists, Abbey took a much different lesson from the fact of human influence on the landscape, a conclusion that was evident to him decades before any fancy scientific talk about the Anthropocene.

Even less, the obligation. Country is backing more than half of all global coal power capacity under development. Jillian Ambrose The Guardian.

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Environmental advocates say the project puts rare corals, unique marine ecosystem, at risk. Autumn Schoolman.

A recent court ruling in Texas reminds us that enforcement of the Clean Water Act is a crucial part of the plastics fight. Sarah J. With more participatory research projects based in developed countries, biodiversity data has major holes. Some researchers are trying to change that. Stephanie Parker. Jonathan Latham.