Oedipus, Isaac, and the Noblest Roman

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Uploaded By MagistrateComputerGrasshopper It proves not so. Brutus and Cassius, crossing the straits into Macedonia from Asia Minor, encountered a portion of the triumvir army near Philippi. If the conspirators had attacked at once, they ought to have won, but before they could do so, the rest of the triumvir army arrived and it was a standoff.

The triumvir army now outnumbered the conspirators but was weaker in cavalry.

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What is more, it was Brutus and Cassius who had the strong position in the hills, while Antony and Octavius occupied a marshy and malarial plain. Brutus and Cassius had only to stay where they were. It would have been suicidal for Antony and Octavius to try to charge into the hills. Yet to stay on the plains would expose them to hunger and disease. Indeed, Octavius was already sick, although this doesn't appear in the play.

Octavius seemed always to be sick before a battle. In this case, he fell sick at Dyrrhachium on the coast of what is now Albania and had to be carried by litter the miles to Philippi. Cassius opposed battle, maintaining that by waiting it out, the enemy would sooner or later have to retreat and that the effect would be one of victory for the conspirators.