The Marketing Guru: Capitalism for Dummies and How to Get Yours

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While you were busy downloading Headspace and livestreaming Peloton, the extremely rich have been locked in a holier-than-thou arms race to purge themselves of screens and discover inner peace. The rich and famous often drink their own organic, locally sourced Kool-Aid. The Twitter founder went off the grid to disconnect from the civilization-devouring monster he created—then tweeted about his escape.

A master of remedies and esoteric solutions, the Goop founder created a new reality in which we are all just one turmeric-activated-charcoal-aloe smoothie away from inner balance. Like no one else, this SuperSoul has inspired millions of us to tap into our trauma and awaken our deeper selves. With her juices and magical dusts, this alchemist combats inflammation and stress—while looking beautiful in tunics. Aristocratic mysticism is nothing new see: Rasputin and the Romanovs , but now ascetic pursuits have been paired with the ability to self-broadcast more than ever before, and self-actualization has become both a branding tool and bragging right.

Seekers of spiritual health have never had quite so many opportunities. Every century gets the messiah it deserves. The higher beings walking among us have taken self-care to new heights, sometimes literally. Belief even works into their workouts. The guru gold rush has created a growing caste system of monks, healers, and guides.

Amassing avid followers is much easier for gurus now than in the old days, when they had to self-publish pamphlets and advertise in the back of New Dawn magazine. With platforms like Squarespace and Wix, these newfangled evangelists have easy ways to provide daily proclamations—and links in their bios to their five-part webinars.

Gelula compares this divinity deluge to the rise of next-generation gourmets. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Get Access Get Access. Religion Volume 26, Issue 2 , April , Pages Author links open overlay panel Hugh B. Greg Reply: June 4th, at am. Ooh wah ooh. Do you want to know a secret.

Do you promise not to tell. Nobody knows it, just we two. In trying to make the point that this could be the theme song for many of the self appointed gurus floating in the ether, my thanks, admiration and apologies for messing with a great old song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

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Ooh wah ooh, I got an email from above this morning. I do have one brilliant thought to share, just in time for summer. Broccoli would be so much better if it were made of meat and slathered in sauce, and chocolate. Greg Reply: June 4th, at pm. A guru? Greg Reply: June 7th, at am. First of all, thanks for introducing me to some folks I had not heard of — I will check them out. I think they have some good things to say. After reading a great book by Dr. It takes guts to be the leader of yourself. So, be your own guru, hero, warrior, beacon, author ….

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And … we get to choose whether or not we believe you. Keep it coming…. Diane Reply: June 7th, at pm. Oops … I meant to say I thought most people were smarter than me … not I rarely thought most people were smarter than me. Greg Reply: June 7th, at pm. Thank you for such a nice comment. Ever since I read the Grand Inquisitor , the concept really scares me! Greg, I have a group. Oddly, I spend a large chunk of time writing and interacting on the Internet. Just as in the streets we walk, caution and care is needed when connecting virtually or in a book.

Trust but Verify does not go away in life because it is on a screen and conversation with a keyboard. What you speak of is nothing new. There are simply more soap boxes to stand on. To your point. Everyone is a Guru to someone. Even the true gurus are not valuable. What will I do with a flying car? How far? He is a guru and could help me do it. I could learn from the best. Not helpful to my vision though.

The next guru could be the boy on the street corner who happens to know where the best burgers in town are and how to get there. I like Chris Brogan. He has a good message.

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On the other hand? Having new tools to bring more awareness simply proves the point I have made for many years. Chris validates many of the principles I have used for years. I will remain a fan. Even if he works in a coffee shop. If everyone could wear a shirt, button, pin, or lamp shade on their head. If it would change colors based on the intent of the wearer.

There are givers. There are takers.

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Just like the rings and stones that tell you how lovable you are. Personally I walk the fine line. I am Homer Simpson.

I am a Guru. I am a self proclaimed Professor of Magic Marketing which leaves me a little guilty of what you speak of. That is ok. My shirt glows: Give. At your service… and I like your style. Greg Reply: June 21st, at am.

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Beers on me if I ever make it to Turkey. I actually laughed out loud…it was like hearing myself give advice to, well, the low information shopper. But we had to start putting ourselves out there as individuals versus the company and as experts, to get through the muddied waters…and it seems to be spread across technical industries. Just think of the SEO possibilities….


Thanks for another great post. Greg Reply: June 25th, at am.