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We can therefore imagine the diversity of the situations and the inequality of the issues.

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The data we have include investigations carried out by institutions, universities, national Observatoires , etc. Elizabeth Murphy-Lejeune was the first: she was the instigator of a real paradigmatic turning point in the understanding and analysis of mobility, which adopted a qualitative approach in a field which until then had mainly been occupied by the quantitative [2].

Among the factors making the mobility experience tend towards being a positive, mixed or even negative real-life one, the question of financial resources appears to be crucial. Policies in this respect vary considerably from one country to another, with some prohibiting taking on work at the same time as studying, whereas on the contrary, others make it easy not only on the university campus, but also in the surrounding area Belkodjja and Vatz Laaroussi, The majority of international students "take advantage of their stay to visit and to travel" ibid.

But this variable 'continent of origin' does not appear to be fully operational to explain differences in the conditions of stay. Other variables, such as social resources, mobility capital and especially "the importance that the student assigns to his study migration" are decisive Terrier, , our translation; Endrizzi, On this assignment which the student gives himself, Vassiliki Papatsiba recalls the awareness in which the Erasmus student specifically affirms his role as a student; a role which is both born and conferred by the academic context in which his mobility takes place and by the advertised outcome to which the mobility experience responds - both academically and in terms of citizenship openness to 'otherness'.

The student's accommodation is also an issue for social inclusion Erlich, The multiplicity of relationships allowed by residential autonomy, particularly in student residences, structure the opportunities for meetings, and for socialising. How does the choice of accommodation, in a student residence, sharing with other foreigners or natives of the country, or in separate housing, etc.

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The cultural norms of proximity or hierarchical distance can be specifically considered Gyurakovics, ; as well as the ability to be autonomous or the sense of responsibility towards their studies Gohard-Radenkovic, The attractiveness and challenge of adapting themselves to new situations may tempt more than one 'student adventurer', as Papatsiba describes it op.

Whether they are students from within Europe or from other parts of the world, many choose study destinations where the academic and social cultures differ considerably from those of their country of origin. Several research works have looked into the expected academic cultures and practices, and the socio-linguistic and socio-cultural codes, very often implicit and obvious to local students, which foreign students must learn to decode and understand in order to be able to integrate into university social life Gohard-Radenkovic, Saeed Paivandi also looks into students' interactions within the academic community, whether with administrative staff, teachers, peers, etc.

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The Erasmus programme has been the subject of studies examining the success of Erasmus students in mobility, their relationships with the teaching staff or, more broadly, the way in which they get involved in their host institution life. We can particularly cite the work of Magali Ballatore which showed the diversity of scholastic experiences between British, French and Italian Erasmus students, while remembering that 'university remains the central location for Erasmus students' experiences' our translation.

Souto-Otero Manual , for his part, stressed the difficulties of Erasmus students vis-a-vis their studies, taking into account the problems of adapting to the new system and concerns over the recognition of credits acquired during the mobility period.

This author has also shown that being a student relies on internalised, insufficiently questioned, cultural patterns, which entail significant variations in the relationship to learning. The level of language and linguistic codes acquired before arrival in the host country are also important variables to take into account when understanding the adaptability, or lack of adaptability, of the mobile student to the content of his education.

The learning of the foreign language is indeed a major hurdle which explains how the conditions of study differ from one student to another. The interpersonal relationships international students can build on the spot with locals are also a way of promoting better integration into the academic culture of the host country. Student associations, which play an important part in sociability, can also promote language learning Nanaki, In order to respond to these questions on the living and study conditions of students in international mobility, we will give preference to articles forming part of the following logics:.

However, organised mobility does not correspond to the reality of international study mobility. Free mobility periods are quantitatively much more important. What are the different life experiences of students, depending on the type of mobility? Would the type of mobility - horizontal - and the regional characteristic of the mobility guarantee better adaptation and a more favourable outcome of the studies?

The types of mobility as well as the geographic origins appear to be the variables which explain mobile students' life-styles. Studies have shown, for example, that living conditions favour students from the European Union, who encounter fewer difficulties as compared to students from other geographic areas Ennaffaa, Paivandi, These differences can probably be explained by ways of life and landmarks which are not all located at the same level of cultural proximity depending on geographical areas Erlich, Conversely, for those who do not set off with a supervised status, but as 'free-movers', the requirements in terms of financial guarantees and registration costs, which vary according to country, may prove unfavourable for carrying out their studies.

How, therefore, do students from the South cope with their academic experiences and social conditions in their host countries? These situations may not be explained merely by these students' geographical origin: as the authors also show, the institutional and contextual logic of the host societies also determines the 'areas of integrability' Gohard-Radenkovic, , our translation offered to these students.

At graduate level, students have multiple simultaneous transitions: migrating, studying, working, becoming parents Guilbert et al. Analysing institutional and contextual logics is paramount for the better understanding of the conditions of life and studies of international mobile students. Do policies for the integration of foreign students, at national, local or institutional level, influence the conditions of arrival and adaptation? Are there procedures to support students in the host countries, which facilitate their social integration?

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The national and local features are therefore important for the better understanding of these experiences. Sometimes there are critical gaps between the logic of the institution's stakeholders and that of the international students Gohard-Radenkovic, ; El Bejaoui, At the same time, universities do not hesitate to give students the role of recruiter Belkodja, ; Garneau and Bouchard, or of 'passeur culturel' Curien, ; Goyer, The living and study conditions of international mobile students are a matter of individual routes, as a number of variables comes into play: financial and social resources, country of origin, etc.

Their social and biographical profiles may present some common points mobility capital, capacity for adaptation, etc but also variants. Experiences of mobility must also be considered for the better understanding of the living and study conditions of international students. Each article will be anonymously examined by two Reading Committee members and all authors will receive a response.

Four answers are possible, following the evaluation: article accepted; article accepted subject to minor modifications; major modifications requested; article rejected. The decision of the selection panel is final and no appeals will be considered. The maximum number of characters 33, must include notes and spaces as well as the summary, keywords, and bibliographical references. They should be typed in Times New Roman Quotations author or extract from interview should be inserted into the text between quotation marks.

Home Living and study conditions: resources and strategies of students in international mobility de en es fr pt. Home Living and study conditions: resources and strategies of students in international mobility Call for papers Education Date s Subjects Sociology Qualitative methods. Argument An increasing number of students are experiencing mobility in the context of their studies. You can of course remap the directory structure on your own to simplify it. These files and shaders are set-up to be used with Redshift our renderer of choice. However, you can rebuild them to work in whatever renderer you choose.

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